Everything That Is
Blue Sage Center for the Arts, Paonia, 2013
Works by Taylor Boylston and Carolyn Porras

Alley Cats: An All Women Art Show
The Inca House, Denver, 2013
Curated by Taylor Boylston
Artists include: Ayse Arf, Jazzmyn Barbosa, Taylor Barbosa, Chelsea Bashford, Molly Bounds, Taylor Boylston, Rianna Lee Brown, Jacqueline Sophia Cordova, Kalindi DeFrancis, Demi Deherrera, Brittany Fitzgerald, Nyarita Gash, Kayla von Haubenschild, Katarina King, Lauren Mae, Sheala May, Talia Migliaccio, Kate Nickel, Kate O'Connor, Alicia Ordal, Caroline Pachak, Mae Phillips, Baily Rose, Katherine Rutter, Kat Salvaggio, Tori Schaus, Kristen Hatgi Sink, Shawna Slavinski, Valarie Velasquez, Allison Young

Lifestyle 2
Station Gallery, Denver, 2013
Curated by Colin Ward and Sam Mata
Artist include: Zach Barnes, Taylor Boylston, Sidney Connell, Franny Creegan, Milton Melvin Croissant III, Porscha Danielle, Travis Egedy, Katarina King, Sam Mata, Brittany McDonald, Nikoo Nooryani, Alicia Ordal, Thomas Scharfenburg, Mark Sink, Harry C. Walters, Colin Ward, Mario Zoots

The Inca House, Denver, 2013
Curated by Taylor Boylston
Artists include: Kat Acklen, Jazzmyn Barbosa, Taylor Barbosa, Chelsea Bashford, Gemma Bayly, Molly Bounds, Adam Boylston, Taylor Boylston, Vincent Comparetto, Jared David Paul, Katrin Davis, Jeromie Dorrance, Megan Fellers, Alex Fiedler, Anthony Fiedler, Brittany Fitzgerald, Andrew French, Caroline Pachak, Mae Phillips, Kristen Hatgi Sink, Travis Hetman, Cal Huss, Mitch Kraemer, Lauren Mae, Sheala May, Brittany McDonald, Talia Migliaccio, Adam Milner, Lindsay Nichols, Lara Nickel, Kate O'Connor, Alicia Ordal, Rachel Paton, Zach Reini, Kat Salvaggio, Matt Scobey, Mark Sink, Jacqueline Sophia Cordova, Noah Van Sciver, Kayla von Haubenschild, Ravi Zupa

The Inca House, Denver, 2013
Curated by Taylor Boylston
Artists include: Kat Acklen, Chris Adams, Chelsea Bashford, Taylor Boylston, Jack Brownson, Vincent Comparetto, Kalindi DeFrancis, Travis Hetman, Derek Keenan, Jared David Paul, Chris Pullock, TJ Raygun, Beau Ritten, Eileen Roscina, Baily Rose, Sage June Sky, Katy Zimmerman

Cosmic Machine: New and Never Before Seen Works
The Inca House, Denver, 2013
Works by Taylor Boylston

The Inca House, Denver, 2014
Works by Taylor Boylston and Jakob Von Rühmann

L’ Amour de l’Art à la Saint Valentin
Entre Nous Galerie d'Art, Denver, 2014
Curated by Kristen Hatgi Sink
Artists include: Michelle Barnes, Tracy Barnes, Maegan Barnett, Stephanie Borgman, Taylor Boylston, Camille Breslin, Sandi Calistro, Brian Comber, Patrick Dupays, Jillian Fitz Maurice, Sara Ford, Tess Hamilton, Kristen Hatgi Sink, Sam Mata, Arna Miller, Alicia Ordal, Caroline Petterson, Elyse Rainbolt, Laura Shill, Andi Todaro, Colin Ward, Mario Zoots

Journey to the Psychologically Ultimate Seashore Part I
Sputnik, Denver, 2014
Works by Taylor Boylston

Athena Project: Utopia/Dystopia
Kim Robards Studio, Denver, 2014
Curated by Janice Schindler
Artists include: Jazzmyn Barbosa, Taylor Boylston, Sidney Connell, Lauren Mae Cales, Sheala May, Leah Swenson, Cydney Wilkes, Dawn Witter

Dionysian Mysteries
1410 Gilpin, Denver, 2014
Curated by River Wharton
Artists include: Taylor Boylston, Laura Easley, Zale Hassler, Sarah Rose, Jonathan Wiley

Cosmic Machine Part II: Drawings and Collage from Outer Space
Weathervane, Denver, 2014
Works by Taylor Boylston

Fantasia 2014
Rhinoceropolis, Denver, 2014
Curated by Colin Ward and Stefan Herrera
Artists include: Chris Bagley, Chelsea Bashford, Taylor Boylston, Jesse Briata, Joey Coniff, Jesse Dawson, Benji Geary, Stefan Herrera, Gato Karatoyote, Heidi, Kleder, Jamie Knowlton, Olivia Mclean, Dmitri Obergfell, Alicia Ordal, Zach Reini, Thomas Scharfenberg, Kim Shively, Mark Sink, Kristen Hatgi Sink, Gabe Stoll, Ania Urbanski, Vid Kidz, Colin Ward, Anna Winter

Chaos Never Died Pt. I
Huckleberry, Denver, 2014
Curated by April Faith
Works by Taylor Boylston

Chaos Never Died Pt. II
Pale Violet, Los Angeles, 2014
Works by Taylor Boylston

Neither Here Nor There
Forest Room 5, Denver, 2014
Curated by Jeromie Dorrance
Works by Taylor Boylston and Chris Taylor

Dirty Dreams
Europa, Denver, 2014
Works by Taylor Boylston and Seth Powers

Instant Gratification
Love Gallery, Denver, 2015
Artists include:

Polaroids I
Metropolis, Denver 2015
Curated by Liz Hilliard
Works by Taylor Boylston

Gift of Giving
Indy Ink, Denver 2015
Curated by Travis Hetman
Artists Include:


The Spade by Butch Walker and the Black Widows
Album photography, 2011

Drinking with Strangers by Butch Walker
Back cover photo, 2011

White Arrows Tour
Tour photographer, 2011

Olivia Stone Jewelry Look Book
Photographs, 2012

Vaux Vintage Look Book
Photographs, 2013

We Are Voyeur
Photographs, 2015

Staff Writer/Photographer, 2014-2015

Rejection Hotline
DJ, 2015-present


The Inca House
Denver, 2013-2014

Denver, 2015-present

Less Than by Kayla Haubenschild, July 2015

Mega Void by Stephan Herrera, August 2015

Photos by Beth Town, September 2015

Death Can Make You Famous by Jack Jensen, October 2015

The First Six Years by Matt Herrebout, November 2015

The Act of Watching by Molly Bounds, December 2015

See Ya by Jamie Knowlton, January 2016

Photos by Kit Ramze, February 2016

The Rage That You Feel by Kat Salvaggio, March 2016

Rap In Peace by Dougie, April 2016

Untitled by John Thomas, May 2016